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Healthy Relationships

For the most part, healthy relationships are stable and consistent. People in healthy relationships find satisfaction in their work and personal lives, and they pursue activities and interests outside of their relationships.

Being able to express emotions and communicate effectively are indicators of a well-functioning relationship. People in healthy relationships generally have a positive attitude towards interpersonal connection, and are able to develop secure bonds. After relationships end, they are able to process things in a healthy manner and grow from their experiences.

In contrast, people who have difficulty with relationships spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about them. Relationships consume their lives in a negative way. They might avoid relationships out of fear, consistently enter unhealthy relationships, or remain perpetually dissatisfied with their partners. Instead of being a source of happiness and support, relationships cause distress.

Being able to express emotions and communicate effectively are indicators of a well-functioning relationship.

Who May Benefit from Relationship Therapy?

It may be worth considering relationship counselling if you are:

  • Consistently unhappy, dissatisfied, or frustrated in your relationships
  • Struggling to make sense of a breakup or separation
  • Repeating unhealthy interpersonal patterns
  • Unable to communicate your feelings and needs in your relationships
  • Struggling to connect with others
  • Struggling to heal from a past relationship
  • Confused by the notion of experiencing happy and fulfilling relationships
  • Spending excessive time thinking and worrying about your relationships
  • Socially anxious or shy, which is stopping you from meeting people
  • Fearful of intimacy and connection, despite a strong desire for it
  • Unable to be vulnerable with others

How Can Relationship Counselling Help?

Looking at patterns of the past. Failing to find healthy and satisfying relationships can be demoralizing. Counselling can help you move forward while you gain insight into the past. You will learn to identify and address the thoughts, feelings, and issues getting in the way of your relationships. In a judgment free space, you and your counsellor will untangle any dysfunctional patterns that may have developed in your relationships.

Healing old wounds. Past experiences often stay with us and make us fearful or confused about intimacy with others. In therapy, you will have the support to work through painful emotions or traumas stopping you from creating healthy connection. Your counsellor will move at a pace that feels comfortable for you, and you will get to choose what experiences or feelings to focus on.

Empowerment and building confidence. While you address the barriers to meaningful and satisfying relationships, your therapist will guide you with building confidence. With this newfound strength, you will discover what you want and need, and how to communicate your needs to others. You’ll also work on skills like how to productively express your emotions and support others.

As the saying goes: human beings are deeply social creatures, and we all need meaningful relationships to thrive.

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